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BULL X "VAG02" Y-Style Exhaust System for VAG models

Fournisseurs HG Motorsport
€ 899,00
Prix HT: € 742,98
€ 156,02

BULL-X Exhausts produces exhaust systems at the highest level

Like the 3 " Bull-X exhaust system for VW Golf 6 GTI TSI L + R / Scirocco R Skirt and Audi TT 8J V6 Skirt
1,4 TSI / 1,8 TSI / 2,0 TSi and TFSI

This exhaust system is completely built in absorption principle, without chambers .

So a powerful sound is guaranteed. Also it is perfect in series, as well as for tuned engines.

- Suitable for all Golf 6 , Golf 6 GTI and Scirocco R and all other models with GTI rear skirt and Scirocco R-Skirt and Audi TT 8 J V6 Skirt
- at Sciroco R and Audi TT 8J models we recommend 126x94mm Tail Pipes
- Material stainless steel
- With ECE approval
- pipediameter: 76mm/3"
- installationmaterial: Every mountingmaterial and adapter to oem included

Golf 6 video (same exhaust system)

Excl. tailpipes